Meet Granny.


“You little bitch. You stupid little bitch. Get the fuck in the house. You know where I want you. You get your lying little ass to the table! And don’t you MOVE until I get there.” The weight of her hand on my shoulder, squeezing so hard I can feel her fake nails digging into my skin through my sweater, and it hurts. “You better get your fucking ass moving.”  The voice was solid and commanding, like a drone reverberating over iron. 

Like a long, cold, hiss… loaded with threat. Sending shivers up my little spine, and my small body would freeze up. 

It was coming, and there was nothing I could do to stop itThe helplessness of a child lost in a hideous and malicious adult playing field. Abandoned. 

I could hear her voice, even before we knocked on the door. That all too familiar shrill…

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4 thoughts on “Meet Granny.

  1. I have unsubscribed you 10 times!!! Please remove me, I really don’t care to read these stupid stories, I’ve been through a lot more in 1 year of my life than you’ve been through in ur short lifetime and I didn’t open a web page to broadcast. Please unsubscribe me, thank you!!!



    • Marc, regardless of the pain you’ve gone through, attacking someone and calling their stories “stupid” is unnecessary. Also, not choosing to broadcast your life is your choice. And unless you’re clairvoyant, I don’t see how you can judge that you’ve been through more than another person. The unsubscribing comes from your end, not the author’s. Perhaps if you weren’t so full of anger, you would see at the bottom of your notification email, the steps to take to unsubscribe. They are in EVERY notification of a new post from this author.

      To top it off, I’ll pray for you. You’re in dire need of prayers my friend.


      • Thank you for making that point about notification in the email, I had no idea, and had wanted to direct him.
        And p.s You’re a wikked sister Chantal, mad loves woman. MAD LOVES ❤

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