Blurred Clarity

At first, it’s an arrival on a piece of paper, following its schedule with frightening accuracy. It’s definitely making great time, and you wake up to a distant whistle, so faint, but it’s coming. A yawn, forcing tears out of your eyes, and it’s closer. The next sound piercing, goosebumps leap out of your skin. It’s 80 degrees in the shade and you are freezing in the sun.

The rumble vibrates the tracks, the ground quivers and you see the gravel between ties shake. An hour ahead of schedule, and your bowels break. You rush to the bathroom, but you can’t decide whether to sit or stand hunched over. The faintest smell triggers waves of nausea to roll into shore, high tide a terrible analogy at this point. Diarrhea and vomit battle for bragging rights, and every joint tells you with fiery certainty that you my friend, have made some…

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