This is a video taken from the I AM SECOND website, through YouTube. An AMAZING testimony by Brian “Head” Welch, the former guitarist of the band Korn. After being called back to God’s heart, he quits using Meth, and drops the band..to lead his life as SECOND TO CHRIST. If you are an addict, or have been down the road to recovery, or are still struggling, this video will hit your heart. God bless each and every brother and sister in Christ who are still living under the chains of addiction..


7 thoughts on “I AM SECOND.

  1. I have used this testimony to show to teens as well as for myself and I absolutely love it! Great choice in testimonies because what he has been through and fought from is amazing and he is now such a huge supporter for Christ.

  2. Wow wow wow….I remember hearing that he had found Christ but I’d never heard him share how before, in his own words. So powerful! I could literally feel my heart pounding as he was talking. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a powerful and heavy emotional video. He speaks from a place of such knowledge and wisdom, since he has experienced these things and not simply talking out of a text book. He really shows these temporary things in life (ie, cars, money, sex, material and ego fuelled things) are just that,temporary. You do not gain when any of them are used for selfish desires.

    Thank you for sharing xx

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