Today, I’m Paying It Forward.

This is re-blog by Diary Of Wayward Girl…not only one of the raddest chicks I know, but also my beautiful room mate whom I adore. It’s such a blessing to watch her grow, and mature in God..and I’m super proud of her, and the emotions that fuelled this post. To read some of her previous posts (which are all equally as amazing) just simply click the link as follows!!

This Christmas was different.
Usually, I trim my tree on Decembers 1st, marking the start of the holidays and celebrating my birthday.
Usually, I throw parties at my apartment, cramming as many people I can possibly fit into a less-than-spacious 2 bedroom unit.
Usually, all my Christmas shopping is done by the 15th, and my “wish list” has been made since November.
Usually, my kitchen becomes more like an industrial cookie-factory, as opposed to another room in a residential dwelling.

This year was different.

This year, I didn’t even decorate my own tree. Or anything, really.
This year, I didn’t throw a single party, not because I don’t live in my own apartment, but because I simply couldn’t find the motivation to do it. Instead of spending over $100 on food and alcohol to feed my friends with, I took that money and bought toys for Toy Mountain, food for the food bank, and dropped cash off in various charity boxes.
This year, I dragged myself out to the mall on December 24th to complete the rest of my shopping. And my “wish list” was something along the lines of “Buy me new glasses? My prescription has changed”, instead of “Hey, buy me some electronic that I really don’t need and can seriously make due without!”
And this year, as for those cookies, I sadly didn’t even bake a single one.

Something was different about this year. Somewhere between December 26th 2010 and December 25th 2011, I lost the ability to get consumed by the season. Even my birthday wasn’t a big deal, asking for the year’s supply of contact lenses and my yearly car license registration as presents, instead of the typical consumer product.

Things were difficult for my family this year, and awkward. I didn’t want to see them and get presents, I wanted to see them and give them hugs. Exchanging “I love you”’s instead of neatly wrapped parcels.

So this year, my Mom gave me $100 cash to put towards a new pair of glasses. She handed me the envelope, and said “I just didn’t know what to get you…”. I took the crisp $100 bill, and tucked it away in my antique desk. Something felt off about this, since I didn’t go running to the store to spend it. I know, me not spending money…what a concept. There must be something wrong with me.

I kept the money, not sure what to do with it until today. I even resented the holidays, until today. Do I really need a new pair of glasses? Not really. The ones I have are a few years old, and the prescription is a little weak, but they make due. So this morning, I woke up and was checking my facebook while still in bed. There was a status update that caught my eye, since it wasn’t the typical drunken ramblings you find on Facebook after a Saturday night. It was written by the pastor at my church, Rob Dale.

      “I hesitate to do this on such a public place, but feel it’s a worthy cause …
 As many of you know, Scott has been in Calgary at his daughter’s side since the shooting more than three weeks ago.
 While there has been some wonderful support giving to Shayna’s trust fund, Scott is not using that money for his personal needs. As a result, his funds are depleted. He had one credit card denied yesterday.
 He has not shared any of this with me, but I am aware of the need.
  So, if you would like to help Scott with his stay in Calgary, please see me today at church. I will pass any donations along to him through Heather, who is still in Calgary…”

Today, I figured out what to do with that $100 bill.
Today, I have realized the blessings that God has provided for me, and that I can only grow more if I share more.
Today, I am paying it forward.


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