Tear Them From The Sky.

I pray for courage … to stand on truth, even when lies envelope my heart.

These black winged birds have stalked me.

Vultures circling inside my mind.

My soul lays sleeping in a desert…my mouth has dined on bullshit. Dry sand, and waste.

I want to open my eyes Father, it’s nothing but a storm. Wind whipping my face. Dust in my eyes.

I’m so tired. This fire tipped arrow shoved through my chest.

Give me the strength to RISE, despite it…weak knees, shaking hands covered in soil.

Some things are too hard to feel, a bleeding heart, replaced by steel.

Send Your fire.

Brand words of hope into my skin. Deep and visible scars to remind me who I am.

I need your air. Clean breath to replace black tar.

I want to fight, even if my skin is soft. Even if my wounds are still red.

Broken human, full of power.

Tear these black winged birds from the sky, and drop them at my feet.

I’ll bury them in the earth with love..

and find my way back to You.





















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