A Tattoo Artist Stole My Heart.

My husband, Monty Holladay, has mad skills. Truly. His approach, and hand in all kinds of artistic expression (including being a Tattoo Artist) are an inspiration to me, on so many levels. Not only is it wikked to live in an extremely creative home, and be blessed enough to live that way together as a family, but, it’s pretty cool to have someone I love and trust, teach me new things, and sit next to me as we throw up our inner heart and minds on paper. I’ve been trying to get him to set up a WordPress blog to showcase his Tattoo Portfolio and other personal pieces, but he’s a really busy guy. SO, I’m just going to show off some of his amazing art here..today..now. Screw it, I love you babe..and I love your art..so deal.


6 thoughts on “A Tattoo Artist Stole My Heart.

  1. Way to go Angie…he deserves the recognition you are giving him. He is an amazing artist on paper and on skin!!! I have some of his work on me to prove it and I will go to nobody else when I continue to put artwork on my body!! You are 2 amazing people with great artistic talent and together a great home and family.

  2. Wow, so crazy. I remember when Monty was drawing comic characters. So awesome to see what its all developed into. He was an amazing artist when we were friends, and he’s even better now. So cool!

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