Our Miracle in Great Tragedy.









In a matter of 48 hours I was at my Grandmother’s bedside, holding her hand as she took her last breath, and by the next evening receiving a phone call informing me, one of my close friends, and family member of Biker’s Church, Shayna Conway, was the sole survivor of a murder/suicide in Alberta, Canada. Here is the link to  explain~


Writing this is a cathartic mess right now, surreal, and the words just aren’t coming out as they should, I have so much I want to say, but I can’t right now. I truly just wanted to ask for more prayer, because Shayna needs it. Her parents need it. I wanted to let you guys know what’s been going on, and why I haven’t been posting. I wanted to say, that even though, someone I love went home to Jesus this week, He spared us another. He spared us all Shayna..and that is  A HUGE MIRACLE. There are 4 families, who were not given the same gift, and are mourning terrible losses as I type this. I can’t even imagine what the shooter’s family is going through right now. So, I’m asking you all to pray for these families. For the parents who are suffering under the weight of their son’s actions. The consequences they may be living with, and the absolute grief that fills their hearts.

As follower’s of Christ, we must in good faith pray for all the people affected by this, including the one who pulled the trigger, and the family he left behind.

Shayna, we love you so much…and can’t wait until we can see you<3 We are all lifting you up, and fighting at your side. Even if for now, it’s only in heart. I praise God every single day, for keeping His hand on you, and giving you the strength to LIVE through this insanity.

Love you like crazy woman..<3




4 thoughts on “Our Miracle in Great Tragedy.

  1. My heart cries out for you, Shayna and all of the friends and family affected by this tragic event. I do understand how it feels to be in your shoes, and Shayna’s shoes as well. I’ve experienced horrific crimes and endured violent abuse in my life and wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. If I could give any advice to you it would be this – LOVE is the answer. Showering your friend with unconditional loving support will help lift you both up through this difficult time.

    You are surrounded by loving angels – your Grandmother and the other friends who didn’t make it. May their angel wings lift you up when you feel you can’t carry on.

    God bless you.

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