Stop You.

I can’t stop you from walking away from what YOU NEED. Walking away from THE TRUTH, shackling yourself in heavy metal chains of DEATH and LIES. I can’t stop you at all, NOT WITH WORDS, not with my broken heart. Not with MY TEARS. ..not with begging. I can only LOVE YOU, and pray Jesus keeps you safe in this BROKEN WORLD we live in. Pray, THOSE DRUGS you take, don’t KILL YOU like they almost have SO MANY TIMES BEFORE, my beautiful friend.

That one day I’ll see you again, with FREEDOM in your eyes.



2 thoughts on “Stop You.

  1. Angie,
    This is exactly where I am right now. I am 3 days sober and feeling the detox monster on my back urging me to use again. I thank you for prayer even if it wasnt intended for me. I miss you. You are an angel in my darkness today. thank you…….

    • I understand babe. I went through detox almost 3 months ago, and it was very very hard. Only Jesus got me through, and I’ve been sober since. I’ll be praying for you, and always hoping in faith that you’ll come join the rest of addicts at Biker’s Church..your family will always be there. Much love baby<3

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