Whispering Lies.


The Gift of Choice.

Jesus is more POWERFUL, than your choices.

But, you always have ONE.

Jesus is more POWERFUL, than the LIES  you’ve been told.

But, it’s in your RIGHT, to pick what you’re going to BELIEVE.

Jesus is more POWERFUL, than your THOUGHTS.

But, it’s  your option, to accept, or deny,  what’s going to RULE  your MIND.

Jesus is more POWERFUL, than the world you’re surrounded by.

But, it’s your choice, to take your PLACE in it. Not, because of it.

Jesus is more POWERFUL, than the EVIL you’ve faced.

But, it’s up to you, to let Him, OVERCOME IT.

Jesus is more POWERFUL, than your FEAR.

But, it’s in your power to choose, what is going to DEFINE YOU in this life.

Jesus is more POWERFUL, than the cage you’re in.

Because His hand, holds the ONLY KEY.

Jesus is more POWERFUL, than THE CHURCH.

Because His BODY, is the CHURCH.

Jesus is more POWERFUL, than your vision of yourself.

Because, He CREATED you.

Jesus is more POWERFUL, than your enemy.

Because your enemy, is in HIS HANDS.

Jesus is more POWERFUL, than your life.

Because He gave His, TO SET YOURS FREE.

Nominated?? WIKKED!!

This post is to say a huge thank you to,http://bluesander.wordpress.com/2011/12/25/the-versatile-blogger-award/ for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger award, along with http://byhisgrace211.wordpress.com/ for nominating me for the 7X7 award<3 You guys have truly touched my heart with this. It was unexpected, kind, thoughtful and filled me with gratitude. Warm feelings, that I’ve needed, more then words can express. After all that’s happened in the last few weeks, knowing people you have never met, would think of you in this way, kinda picked my heart up off the floor. Thank you so much beautiful ladies…you made me smile xo God Bless you both…you both friggin’ rock!!!!

Our Miracle in Great Tragedy.









In a matter of 48 hours I was at my Grandmother’s bedside, holding her hand as she took her last breath, and by the next evening receiving a phone call informing me, one of my close friends, and family member of Biker’s Church, Shayna Conway, was the sole survivor of a murder/suicide in Alberta, Canada. Here is the link to  explain~


Writing this is a cathartic mess right now, surreal, and the words just aren’t coming out as they should, I have so much I want to say, but I can’t right now. I truly just wanted to ask for more prayer, because Shayna needs it. Her parents need it. I wanted to let you guys know what’s been going on, and why I haven’t been posting. I wanted to say, that even though, someone I love went home to Jesus this week, He spared us another. He spared us all Shayna..and that is  A HUGE MIRACLE. There are 4 families, who were not given the same gift, and are mourning terrible losses as I type this. I can’t even imagine what the shooter’s family is going through right now. So, I’m asking you all to pray for these families. For the parents who are suffering under the weight of their son’s actions. The consequences they may be living with, and the absolute grief that fills their hearts.

As follower’s of Christ, we must in good faith pray for all the people affected by this, including the one who pulled the trigger, and the family he left behind.

Shayna, we love you so much…and can’t wait until we can see you<3 We are all lifting you up, and fighting at your side. Even if for now, it’s only in heart. I praise God every single day, for keeping His hand on you, and giving you the strength to LIVE through this insanity.

Love you like crazy woman..<3



Biker’s Church and A Tattoo.

Just wanted to share this amazing tattoo my husband did for me this afternoon. This is the reason I haven’t written anything today..AND..it was well worth it! Not only did I get to spend some amazing quality time (toddler free) with my love..BUT I got to leave with this lovely gift, and finish up my night at Biker’s Church http://bikerschurch.com/?doing_wp_cron…BEST DAY EVER<3 Much love and God bless each and every one of you xo

You Are Not.


You are NOT your mistakes, your thoughts, or your inner dirt. You are NOT your past, you are NOT the things you are ashamed of, or your self image. You are NOT your ego, or the lies people have pushed you into believing about yourself. You are NOT the abuse you’ve suffered, or the addictions that hold you down. You are NOT too far gone.

You are  VALUABLE.

You are BEAUTIFUL  and POWERFUL in your uniqueness.

You are CLEAN, and HOLY, in the eyes of God.

No matter what has been, or where you’ve gone, or what you’ve done.

You are WORTH it.

And, you ALWAYS will be.





Through My Tears, I Will Rejoice For You.

Holding onto the hand I’ve known so well, the morphine drip clicks over, delivering another dose of the powerful drug through her tired veins. It is quiet and warm in the bedroom, save for the voices of her daughter and husband down the hall way and of the nurse filling out paper work, outside the bedroom door. We’re surrounded by photographs of all her family, gold and silver frames stocked with the people she loves, the people she’s spent her time here, taking care of. Memories of a life, most of us would envy. A life filled with adventure, travelling, loss, war, and overcoming old world tragedy. My Grandmother, who’s helped raise me from the moment I was born, a two pound little baby, and we’ve loved each other with all our hearts since.

She is wearing her pink flannel sleeping gown, the one with the back cut straight down the middle, so it doesn’t bunch up underneath her, the folds in the fabric send pain through her body, if she lay on top of them for too long.  She can’t get up and fix it on her own anymore. She’s too exhausted. The cancer spreading through her body steals the small amount of energy she has left, and a part of me, with a heavy heart, looks forward to this coming to an end, for her. So she can finally see the face of Jesus. She’s has always asked me to tell her the story, of when I saw Him, when He came to me, and filled me with His spirit. She listens, over and over again, her eyes filled with loves light, and a vulnerably beautiful hope. A wondering of the man, the truth, our God she loves so much.

I want to curl up in bed with her, and close my eyes. Have another moment, where we can hold each other, like we used to when I was kid. But, I’m scared I might hurt her, or overwhelm her some way. So I don’t, just hold her hand as she comes in and out of morphine sleep. Run my fingers through her perfectly white hair, and watch her chest heave in and out with each breath. Listen to the machine humming beside her. Relieved she has something to soothe the pain, and bring her some kind of comfort.

I’m eased by the fact, she can be at home for this, instead of shoved into the cold confines of a hospital room. There is always something to be grateful for, and I’m just grateful for her, right now, in this moment. My Grandma has never left my side. Not once. Not when I was in jail, not when I lived on the street, and not when I was in rehab. Not when I drank all her liquor, and manipulated her for money. Not when I ignored her, and treated her like she didn’t matter. She’s always been there. Hoping for me, having faith in me, and helping me build the life I have now. Without her, I would not be where I am today. It sounds cliché, but it’s the only way I can put it, and it’s true.

I owe her more than I can express, because words fail me right now. I can only repay her, by living my life through honor and love, and I will do my best with every opportunity I am given, because she has done so for me. And so has God. My heart tells me, that this is a life well lived, to pay it forward at all costs in the name of Jesus, the name that defines love.

Don’t be scared Grandma, the face of Christ, will be the first face you’ll see. And through my tears, I will rejoice for you.